Monday, February 11, 2019

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe. The democrat/communist party seems to be imploding. They are being drug further and further to the radical communist left. And they don't seem to be trying very hard to convince America otherwise.

The "new green deal", or as Chairman Mao and I call it, the Great Leap Forward, has been endorsed by most of the dem/com candidates for president and a bunch of dem/com congress critters. I doubt they have even read it, I suspect the party apparachiks told them to endorse it, and they do what they are told.

One by one the dem/com candidates are proving to be further and further to the crazy left. They are all pandering to the most radical of their base, and in the process alienating the remaining working class democrats who are left, which aren't many.

They are staking their future on open borders, killing babies and giving away other people's money. And that doesn't play well with the folks whose money they are giving away.

I know, the polls tell us that millennials think communism is just dandy, which tells you what a bunch of dopes us old folks raised. But polls can by bought, and manipulated. I doubt many actual voters will vote for a bunch of America hating commies, but you never know.

It tells you something when crazy old Bernie the commie is the moderate wing of the party. The rest of them range from crazy commie to batshit crazy commie.

The real problem comes in that the dem/coms base is a lot of people who love free stuff. And they are promising more and more free stuff. Now the rest of us ask, who pays for all the free stuff? But the dem/com base doesn't care. If you don't pay taxes, and you live off the government dole you don't care who pays for it. Just keep it coming. And that my friends is where the problem lies. See about half of America doesn't pay taxes. And about half of America receives some kind of means tested government handout. You think they are going to vote to stop that? Doubt it.

So the dem/coms promise them more stuff. Stuff they can't deliver on and know it, so they know they are lying when they promise these freeloaders more stuff, but they don't care. They never have. Commies lie. That's what they do. And the freeloaders aren't the brightest elements of our society, or they might be working and paying taxes. But if you already have the mental defect that tells you everybody else owes you a living, then you're pretty hopeless. And that's them.

So I guess we'll see. Will America snap out of the foggy daze they are in and realize these people are trying to destroy our society and replace it with Venezuela? Hope so. Or else we're in for a rough ride. Now we know the dem/coms can't deliver any of this crap. It has no chance of becoming law. Yet. But the commies have always been patient. They creep along, like cancer. Who would have thought 50 years ago commies would be declaring who they are and running for president and congress? And getting elected? That just tells you how far this cancer has spread. And that we need to deal with it now. Because it will only get worse until the patient is terminal. And then a bunch of democrat/communists will be telling you how to live your life and you'll be wondering what the hell happened to our country.


  1. This belongs here also, right on SSAH...

    Hello Everyone,

    I was proud to announce that I will co-sponsor S.130, Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. This bill, similar to legislation I signed in Florida, would ensure that should a baby survive an abortion attempt, that the healthcare provider will do all they can to care for that baby as their patient.

    In short, they will be required to treat it as the human being that it is, with all the protections and legal rights that our country guarantees.

    This is a bill that should not have to exist; every human life should be treated with the respect and dignity it deserves. Unfortunately, though, it seems we must pass this legislation, and soon. Right now, there are lawmakers both in Washington and beyond who are so intent on pushing a pro-abortion bill that they are willing to kill a newborn baby that has already been brought into this world.

    I will never forget holding my children and my grandchildren for the first time, knowing that I would do anything to protect them. Every baby, no matter his or her situation, deserves someone to fight for them too.

    We as a nation can remember that every life is sacred; no human being is disposable. And together, let’s remind those on the far Left that these are defenseless newborn babies, not "medical issues."

    Senator Rick Scott

    Just so I am on the record I stand with Rick Scott, and for those that do not, please say so! And Lets talk,,,

  2. Good blog SSAH but I am sticking with this baby killing when born, I say No women has the right to ask a Doctor or a Nurse to become a Murder, I say if the Mother wants the baby dead that she should be given the knife or needle and sent in the room where the baby is and she has to be the one to kill her child, may just put a end to this bullshit. Just Saying...

  3. You might be on to something, Sarge.

    You want your baby dead?

    Here you go, lady.

    Kill it...

  4. Hell, I'd say go far as to let them choose their favorite weapon.

    Give em a choice between a knife, a gun, a pair of scissors, a hammer, or a baseball bat.

    Have at it, lady...

  5. Get out here Skipper and take some of this pressure off Kevin and I... Good Grief.

  6. Well crap Just another slow news day.

  7. Well I see where I was born into white privilege I guess the rest of the world didn't get the message because I ve had to work for my money. And Uncle Sam sure didn't do me any favors for being white. And that stupid lib governor is still there. White privilege Wonder when the criminals will start using that for an excuse? I think some already are. But wait we could quit paying tax's and bill's claiming that? Hmmm

    1. Well better later than never my friend. What you are saying you are white Good Grief, all the times we met I didn't notice.

  8. Maybe I should start pushing my privilege . Maybe that's why I never get any thing for it. No one knows maybe start telling the store Hey where's mine at? What you mean I got to pay?

  9. But then again I think I could tell every one that I am a American you know what and that I should be treated like that. Not like Pocohauntass

    1. Damn Skipper look at me running my mouth to get you out here and I left you high and dry, sorry my friend.

  10. Oh that's ok Gave me something to do instead of a nap.

    1. Ya make me feel worst taking away a mans Nap, I know how important those are. Good Grief

  11. Oh and in case any of our libtard follower's have forgot who is POTUS. And MAGA I wont even mention his name.
    President Donald Trump is enjoying his highest approval rating since March 2017, registering at 52 percent in Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking Poll on Monday.

    1. Oh almost forgot. On this same date in former President Barack Obama’s presidency in 2011, his approval rating was 50 percent — two points lower than Trump.

  12. And just in case our libtard friends forgot or didn't watch the SOTUS The Hill reported that Trump received a 3 percentage point bump in his approval rating following his State of the Union address last week.

  13. Their hate for President Trump is so great they can't even think clearly, and that will cause them to lose again.

  14. And he's about to speak to a packed stadium in El Paso.

    Bring it on Bitches...

    1. Yup a Bozo is having his little really also looks like less than a Hundred people at his, hahahahhahah

  15. lol... Trump's already mocking his tiny little line..

    Instead of Little Marco this year it'll be Little Beto with the tiny little lines...

  16. You guys are gonna have to let me know how it goes tonight.

    I gotta be up at 2:00 in the morning.

    Night all...

  17. Saw on Washington times that Congress reached a deal to avert a shut down. I haven't seen the details yet, but read that it is going to need President Trump's signature on it. Probably more out tomorrow.

    Also saw where Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota had Democrats all over her about her anti-Semitism. In this picture they show of her, one thing that is very, very odd to me is how she has her finger nails trimmed to points on each finger nail.

    Go that link and look for yourselves, it's creepy in my opinion. Long trimmed nails is fashionable and with all the different decals that can be put on the finger nails is attractive. But having points like claws is concerning.

  18. Lol... Not sure about the fingernails thing.

    But as far as the agreement goes it will most likely arrive on Trump's desk and he will most likely sign it.

    1.something billion for 55 miles of border fence.

    No cap on detention beds.

    No decrease in funding for ICE and DHS.

    In order to avoid another shutdown which he will be blamed for I imagine he'll sign it.

    Then I imagine he'll explore other options available to him such as using the U.S. military to build additional razor wire fencing.

    Some of you might see this as caving in to the dems but I don't.

    Sometimes you have to take the best deal you can get and work from there.

    But then that's just one old guy's opinion...

  19. I don't see it as a cave either - if he hadn't of put that ultimatum out there - then Congress would not have reached an agreement. Like you, I believe that you take the best deal you can get and work from there.

    the finger nail thing - I've never seen anyone have their nails trimmed to points - and being long - it just creeped me out.

    The dems wouldn't have done anything about Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota if the repubs wouldn't have pushed the dems to do something.

  20. Good Grief good morning room 235, I better go read the news and see what the hell is going on.

  21. Well this is for my friend Kevin, tomorrow it will be 53 degrees and that is the good news plus 47 Thursday, bad news is it will be in the 20's for the rest of the week. Best I could do for ya... That is climate change it changes daily.

  22. Carpet cleaner coming today. Little bit of cleaning left then realtor comes on Thursday. Then the house goes on the market.

    1. Great to hear SSAH, I feel for ya buddy, not to throw cold water on ya, but trust me more to come when you except the offer from someone, than their loan vultures come in.. But hang in there, wishing you the best.🍻

  23. Much of the news lately has been dominated by stories about newly empowered politicians ripping the mask off of their embrace of the culture of death.

    On Nancy Pelosi’s very first day as Speaker of the House, she sought to roll back pro-life policies. And she made it clear again this week that abortion is one of her top priorities when she brought the CEO of Planned Parenthood as her guest to the State of the Union.

    I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of what happened the moment secular liberals gained control of New York’s Senate. And other states like Virginia, Rhode Island, and New Mexico are trying to follow its lead by allowing babies to be aborted up to the moment of birth.

    And they are even allowing babies that have already been born during abortion procedures to struggle for their lives while the parents and doctors debate whether to let them live.

    We cannot allow the lie to continue that some lives just aren’t as valuable as others because of arbitrary standards or personal preferences. That is the logic of slavery. It is profane to suggest that one person could actually own another person and decide whether that person lives or dies.
    I tell you all of this because we cannot sit on the sidelines. The left is advancing a culture of death and a God-less society.


  24. There may be light at the end of the tunnel after all Safe says. I agree 150%.

    The dems have been known to devour their own, recent on the dem devouring items on their smorgosbord is Virginia's governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general.

    The recent addition to the list of devourees is Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, but I feel they could have been a lot harsher on her! I would have preferred her to be literally removed from her elected office!

    Could the dem party be imploding from within? I again agree with Safe on this 150%.

    In reading up on stuff, here's a monumental blow to the dems and a gigantic win for President Trump! The Appeals Court that ruled in favor of President Trump has two dems on the panel! Two dems!

    According to the Washington Times:

    "Appeals court rules Trump can build border wall
    Liberal panel shoots down environmentalists' challenge"

    The article in full:
    A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the Trump administration has the power to waive environmental laws in order to speed up border wall construction, dealing a major symbolic blow to the president’s opponents.

    The three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which President Trump regularly likes to chide as too liberal, sided with him this time.

    The judges said federal law gives the administration broad powers to waive any laws in order to get the wall built.

    “In short, the plain text [of the law] grants DHS authority to construct the prototype, San Diego and Calexico projects,” the judges ruled.

    They were referring to some of the earliest wall-building projects the young Trump administration pursued.

    Since then, Homeland Security has constructed new fencing across the southwest border, replacing vehicle barriers and upgrading old, substandard fence. And last week the government began to build the first new barriers on the border that was previously unprotected by any barriers.

    In each of those cases, the Homeland Security Department has also issued waivers.

    The waivers cover some of the country’s most iconic protections, including the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Antiquities Act, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and the Eagle Protection Act.

    In the past, some of those laws had been used to slow border wall construction, so Congress approved the waiver authority in the 1990s and expanded it under the Bush administration.

    California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and several environmental groups had challenged the Trump administration’s use of the waivers, arguing the waivers went too far.

    Monday’s decision was 2-1, with two Democratic appointees rejecting the environmentalists’ challenge.

    A third judge, a Republican appointee, dissented, saying the courts didn’t even have jurisdiction to hear the challenge in the first place. She said if the courts did have jurisdiction, she would have agreed with her two colleagues’ reasoning.

    The case has taken more than a year to wind through the courts, and construction is already complete on some of the projects and has begun on others.

  25. Well you all know I don't like starting any shit, right?

  26. Rise n' Shine y'all.

    I've got regular coffee flavor in the mug this morning and skimming the headlines.... this one is the first one I saw this morning:

    "At least a dozen newspapers drop syndicated cartoon over vulgar anti-Trump hidden message"

    I'm combing the net to find out which online newspaper and also network websites is carrying this story.

    What I have folks is about all I could find.. maybe later through out the day, other newspapers and media outlets will have more on this.

  27. There's been anti-Trump cartoons for 2 + years, why now all of a sudden does the media gain a conscience? The media should have done something about the anti Trump stuff a long time ago!

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    It really does need some water but more than anything the filter need cleaned.

    The problem is that involves digging around in the water and that water is freezing ass cold.

    Hmmm, what to do?

    I'm leaning toward taking a nap...

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