Sunday, September 10, 2017

Responding to CJ's Trump Hating Matt Johnson...

Since you're part of the "Trump hating Fake News Media" that puts out nothing but one hit piece after another on a weekly basis, I'm not even going to bother with you mocking the president for pointing it out.
It's your keyboard and your opinion page, Matt. Pound away.
Instead of rereading (as you suggested) the letter Obama left I hope Trump skimmed over it then threw it in the trash where it belongs.
Let's start out with your take on DACA then proceed from there.
Just like everything the left pushes you refuse to tell the whole story.
You rightfully pointed out that the Dreamers had to fill out an application and submitt themselves to background checks, etc.
But you completely left out the part where tens of thousands of those applications were simply rubber stamped in the final months of the Obama administration.
You also failed to mention that since Obama's unconstitutional executive order there have been over 1,500 of these so-called Dreamers have had their protected status revoked due to gang activity.
You want to talk Trump being cruel.
By offering amnesty to hundreds of thousands of people without the legal authority to do so for political reasons, Obama was the one being cruel.
It's funny how you go on about reducing the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons but completely leave out the deal your beloved Obama made with Iran that guarentees them the right to build their own nukes in ten years or that North Korea is now threatening nuclear strikes on American cities as we speak.
Weird how you failed to mention any of that, huh?
You mock President Trump for his lack of basic understanding of how the world works and how essential American leadership was under Obama.
You mean like walking away from the war that had been all but won in Iraq which led to the rise of ISIS?
Or the success story of the "Arab Spring" he pushed so hard that led to the brutal murder of Muammar Gaddafi which turned Lybia into a terrorist stronghold?
Maybe the attack on our consulate in Benghazi which led to the deaths of 5 Americans while we sat by and did nothing?
Or was it the so-called "Red Line" Obama drew in the sand in Syria then backed down after it was crossed?
Your concern that Trump insulted NATO by quoting German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she said "European countries can no longer depend on others." is laughable at best.
By asking other NATO countries to pay more toward the cost of their own defense isn't insulting.
It's reality.
Besides, I don't think the American people put a lot of faith in any leader that willingly turned a once peaceful peaceful country into one where terrorist attacks are just something they'll have to get used to by allowing up to a million unvetted, so-called refugees.
But hey, if you want to hold her up as an example of what a leader should look like, knock yourself out.
By design, The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the God-Awful Paris Climate Accord was a horrible deal for America.
But I suppose those who believe moving millions of American jobs to other countries serves us right due to our raging racism, white supremacy, or whatever else you believe makes us a horrible country thinks that's a good thing.
Here's the deal.
The sooner you and your readers accept the fact your beloved Hillary Clinton lost the election the better off we'll all be.
Kevin McGinty


  1. Now as for how this thing is laid out.

    I wrote it on cjonline which is actually now Facebook.

    Copied it then pasted it over here and this is how it turned out.

    And yes, I've tried editing it to no avail.

    It is what it is...

  2. Well I am myself am pretty sure he is maybe the biggest asshole CJ has, but others are in the running. Hey Matty pull your head out of your ass.

  3. Just for the record Kevin you nailed it again, and it is about time we start letting others know CJ turned into shit paper.

  4. Yep...Little Matty, the Johnson concocted an entire list of Obama's devastating failures, praised every one of those disastrous actions, left out ANY truth,and he's so mentally unbalanced that he thinks Trump should take Obama's advice?!😂

    Wonder if the Urinal keeps him in a padded room...for EVERYONE'S safety?!😂

  5. I think the final attempt for cj is the Facebook connection....

    With the regulation and ghost posting currently going on with regards to anything conservative on Facebook, cj had to dump the blogs.

    After all, the world truly is about clicks...

    And I refuse to give them to cj if at all possible.

    I appreciate you posting your comments from cj here Kevin.
    I'd much rather read them here.

    And I certainly won't patronize a kcstar wash up, who simply was signed for the slant and agenda.

  6. Reality is just a far distant memory for these communist loving left wing radical groundlings.

    A moronic editorial writer at a third rate bankrupt newspaper that probably pays him with free food from the vending machine giving advice to the leader of the free world. Now that's rich. I'm sure if President Trump ever wonders what the moron demographic thinks he'll ask. Meantime maybe just STFU. Mkay?

    And as for advice from the Kenyan if we wanted his kind running the country we would have elected hillary. Which we didn't. In fact his party lost 1,100 seats to the Republican Party during the Kenyan's term. Including the House, Senate and Presidency. So that kind of settles that, doesn't it?

  7. And I'm not trying to derail anything, but I do have a question for Cap'not.
    I've never been to Stockholm, so I will concede that I know nothing more than what I've read.
    I've read a lot in regards to its "multiculturalism", which to me is only interpreted as "being run over with illegal Islamic migration"...
    I have also seen many takes from many euro sources, that Stockholm may becoming the new rape capital of the world.

    So with that in mind, Cap'n you mentioned that you could live there if it weren't so expensive.
    How about if you were at a different time in your life?
    How about if you had three daughters, at a point to in their life where they could be targeted for how they dressed or where they were walking?

    I think you know I'm not trying to rile you up. I only ask because I think you are a solid guy, and I value your take. And I found your significant other's take fascinating.

    So simply, please expand upon your Stockholm experience. I'm curious. Because if a few things don't change, I fear reading what I read about Stockholm taking place here, stateside.


    1. I only spent much time in Stockholm in 2 parts of the city, although I was on the underground a good amount. I don't know that more than a third of the obvious foreigners were Muslim at all. Lots and lots of Asians. Considering how dangerous the immigrants looked, I was much more on edge in Berlin a year and a half ago than in Stockholm. I saw much more clumping of immigrant types in Berlin. Stockholm looked more evened out.

      If I had young daughters, I'd probably rank the Euro cities I visited recently as: Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, Prague, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dresden, Berlin.

      Jelena used to live in London for awhile, there are places there she said SHE won't go. She's called it "Londonistan" several times.

  8. Disgusting Evil Liberals Attack Eric Bolling After Death Of His Son.
    But that didn’t stop the evil liberals from attacking a man who is in excruciating pain over the untimely death of his only son. Nothing is too low for liberals.

    “Your son deserved death ???? ” one person tweeted, with a sick smiley face.

    That is par for the low life liberal sons of bitches, they are rotten sorry commie bastards.

  9. At least that one was being honest. I hate the one's that pretend to feel bad today then threaten to destroy you tomorrow.

  10. Reminds me of the time Batshit came out with his fake apology all only to come back a few days later being the same asshole he's always been...

  11. And just so you know I posted a link to our Bunker along with my bang blog in a cj blog so don't be surprised if we get a few anonymous leftists coming by with their bullshit...

  12. Shit I can't wait, bring it on punks, I'll be here for sure, I live for you dip shits to pop in, HHH

  13. Michael Moore Demands Trump Open Mar-a-Lago As Shelter: Gets Blasted For Being An Idiot.

  14. Okay Kevin, when you post or comment on CJ where would I go to find you or the blog you are on.???

  15. Replies
    1. oh thanks, that should be fun you know how great I am on Facebook.

  16. Well starting to get a little hell in the back ground so I will say good night if there is anyone around.

  17. Thanks Kevin. A well written article.

  18. Did Matty forget to mention that Obama was against illegal immigration, until he was for it, and we wouldn't be faced with the DACA debacle if he hadn't started it to begin with?

  19. Cats, if you are reading these comments I just want to let you know you will be missed. I enjoyed reading your comments and look forward to seeing your post in the near future. Take care.

  20. Ol Matty forgot to mention a lot of things. But that's what you do when you're promoting a narrative...

  21. And Nunya, I hope your surgery goes well and you're back on your feet real soon.

  22. Oh, and I think a big round of applause is in order for our good friend, Sarge for stepping u to the plate when Nunya's ride to the hospital backed out at the last minute.

    You're a good man, Sarge...

    1. Kevin, I got booted to the back of the bus, a family member stepped in. So I turned out to be a back up. But thanks for the kind words, but he knows I am just a stone throw away.

  23. Okay lets get this show on the road, hmmmm I am a little late I see.

  24. Stepped outside for break, and a group of about thirty kids standing on south side of capitol all chanting with signs "education not deportation"...

    First of all, don't we have truancy laws.
    Secondly, where is ICE to shut these people up so I have a little peace and quiet for my ten minute break...

    Can't wait for the news to show a narrow camera angle and pretend that there were hundreds protesting.

    If I didn't want to keep my job I'd shout "taxation or deportation" ...

    1. I suspect we'll be treated to another anti Trump editorial for the Urinal...

    2. Kevin, how long do you think it will be until it finally sinks in to the MSM that their animosity is having no effect? I would have thought it would have already happened, but they seem oblivious as ever. They'd be more effective if they'd at least make an attempt to cloak their bias, but they really have no self-control whatsoever.

    3. Well Captain, considering their Trump Derangement Syndrome has become part of their DNA I'm afraid they'll never figure it out.

      They just don't get it.

      They don't get that this same kind of crap couldn't stop him from being elected president.

      They don't get that the 24/7 non stop hatred won't stop him.

      And they don't get that nobody outside their tiny little bubble don't believe anything they say anymore.

      And I'll bet you our Trump Hating friend Little Matty will prove my point with yet another Anti Trump column this coming Sunday...

    4. Actually, it's not so that no one believes them anymore.

      It's more like the vast majority of the American people ignore them all together.

      Little Matty's column is a perfect example.

      It's been up for 2 days now and it's generated a whopping 7 comments and a handful of replies.

      And this is in what Mr Happy referred to as the state's leading newspaper the other day.

      I'm just saying...

    5. Sad that what was once the newspaper of record for the state of Kansas has sunk to this level. Even if you tried to use it for birdcage liner, a parrot would start complaining and insist that you at least give it the Wichita Eagle-Beacon or Salina Journal to do its business on.

      Is Happy still haunting the CJ?

    6. Oh yeah, he couldn't come up with anything to counter something I said last week so ha called me a racist.

      I was shocked!!!

    7. Ol' Boz just implied I was a Nazi yesterday. His powers of argument seem to be weakening. Could it be that he has a touch of the dreaded TDS?

  25. 9-11 I remember standing with my Grandson Zach in front of the TV when the 1st Plane went in and I was telling him how sad, that there was hundreds of people working there, then the 2nd one hit, had to tell him we were under an attack he was 8 years old 2 days later. May they all RIP.

  26. I was in a high rise office building on the 18th floor and I was working on the rules and regulations for electronic banking for the fed govmt. I had a deadline and was just wrapping up my report when my boss called me from Florida and told me to stop what I was working on and to leave the building immediately and go home. I told him I was just about finished with the regulations I was working on and he told me he didn't give a damn about the regulations, stop what I was working on and leave the building. So I left the building, worked on the regs at home and met my deadline. That evening I turned on the tv and could not believe what I was seeing. All my neighbors came over to our house and we watched everything unfold. Sad, sad day.

    1. He cared about his people plus didn't know what was and where was next.

  27. Great points Kevin in your blog. Kind of wonder if Matt Johnson would be brave enough to visit over here...

    This is from yesterday – but this editorial from the Washington Times should be a learning tool for Matt Johnson…. This is how ‘unbiased’ looks.

    The writer in the opening paragraphs tells us what we already know….President Trump isn’t guilty of colluding.

    Finally! The collusion with Russia we have all been looking for!
    Russian operatives working for the Kremlin reportedly spent $100,000 posting “divisive social and political messages” on Facebook during last year’s presidential campaign.

    NEWSFLASH: President Trump’s fingerprints were NOT found on any of the money or anywhere around the crime scene.

    This comes as twice-failed presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton launches yet another campaign to blame everybody she can for her crushing loss last year to Mr. Trump.”

    So, Matt Johnson.....if you're reading this....would you be bold enough to break free of the anti Trump rhetoric long enough to publish something unbiased??? Probably not…

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Glad to hear that Nunya, You know where you can find a close beer Joint just around the corner from you, when you are ready.


  29. 9-11 I know we all feel this way!

    Watching people jumping from offices high above ground level to their deaths.

    Watching frightened crowds running through billowing smoke on the streets… trying to escape the carnage.

    Watching first responders risking their lives to help those who were injured and trapped.

    It seemed more like a movie than reality. An awful, hideous, gut-wrenching movie.

    But it wasn’t. It was very, very real.


    Slowly but surely, my first three reactions gave way to three others.

    Anger… revenge… resolve.

    I became furious at the 19 terrorists who hijacked the four airplanes and sent so many people to their deaths.

    I wanted revenge against whoever was responsible for plotting these evil attacks against innocent citizens, as well as whichever government might have sponsored it.

    I resolved in my heart to do whatever was necessary to support my country’s efforts to help make sure something like this never happened again.


    You’d think that my anger would have subsided over the past 16 years. It hasn’t.

    I will never stop being enraged with America’s enemies who make it their life goal to destroy us and the ideals we hold dear.

    They’re jealous of our nation’s military strength. They’re jealous of our nation’s financial stability. They’re jealous of our nation’s physical infrastructure.

    Most of all – although they would never admit it – they are jealous of our freedom.

    As slaves to their backward ways and outdated traditions, the sworn enemies of the United States are envious of a liberty-loving people who do what we want, who achieve success and who reach out to care for those in need.

    Their hatred for us knows no bounds. We must always remain diligent and be on guard for their attacks… whatever form they may take.


    None of us will ever forget 9/11. And we shouldn’t.

    This date should always bring to mind the sacrifices that our service men and women and our first responders make every day to keep us free and keep us safe.

    And this date should always remind us to be vigilant. To be strong. To resolve in our hearts to never take our freedom for granted.

    God bless you and God bless America! From Everyone.

  30. Old Matt keeps stirring the pot, it is going to come around and get him. You ever hear the saying what happens when you shoot an arrow hard enough?

  31. Mornin'. Taking it easy, today. Y'all have a good'un. 👍

  32. Good morning world. Excellent piece Kevin. Getting things lined up to take PW with me on one of my many visits to KC Thursday and Friday (without the kids!!!!!) as a late Birthday present. She reached senior citizen status on 9/11.

  33. Good morning world. Excellent piece Kevin. Getting things lined up to take PW with me on one of my many visits to KC Thursday and Friday (without the kids!!!!!) as a late Birthday present. She reached senior citizen status on 9/11.

  34. Amazon and Walmart both cut the price of 2016 failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s memoir ‘What Happened‘ by 40% just a day before its release – Oh my that is to damn bad! She is just a looser.

  35. Holy Carp!!

    Greenbelt, Maryland considering lowering the voting age to 16! I know it was quite the topic of discussion when the national voting age was lowered from 21 to 18..... but jeepers.... 16???? These kids are still in high school trying to figure out trig, US Government, who's texting who, etc., not trying to deny anyone voting but..... 16????

    1. That would be a huge batch of idiots for the Democrats that's for sure, Hell they are still learning how to fine their safe space. Or what end of the caulk to use.

    2. had to be a crazy lib idea for sure.

  36. Hey Listen up if there is going to a blog here knowing someone or two taking their time to put it together at least there should be more par taking in it.Hmmmmm hear me ):

  37. Either that I will have to go out and get a job to help Nunya pay for all those liberal leaches.

  38. Well got to say good night got to get up early and start canning some split pea soup, used up the last two jars the other day, so it is panic time.

  39. Sarge, have you ever put cooked popcorn on top of split pea soup?

    1. Rose, it is too early to be messing with my Pea brain, but just in case that is for real, I have to say No! h and a good morning to ya.

  40. Good Morning Y'all....

    just saw something.... but y'all probably have already seen or heard about it already.... but I just saw this:

    Black Lives Matter protesters deface Jefferson’s statue at UVa. in Charlottesville

    Just wished this shit would just literally stop and these idiots would stop acting like assholes!

    1. Won't stop as long as the laws are not enforced, jail the sons of bitches when they get them, and no damn probation, min time in jail no less than a year. Firm!

  41. "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."~ Thomas Jefferson

    Where does Freedom of Speech yield to shit like what the BLM movement is doing?!